My stupid Fuck, My blushing bride

Oh Tear my heart out, Tear my heart out.

12 September 1990

Fuck you too, Cool Shmool

Imma Clown. Wee

· I’m just a kid
· My name is Brittany
· I love Music
· I love going out
· I love the zoo
· I love talking to interesting people
· I love taking pictures of random things
· I love beautiful people
· I don’t like having to tell people about me mostly because it takes too long
· I actually plan to make this short until I feel like writing something huge
· I like to dance
· I like being the way I am
· If you tell me that I need to lose some weight then take a number and stfu
· I consider myself a feminist
· I like to argue
· I LOVE to listen to techno while running around the house
· I like jumping
· I don’t care for constructive criticism, but if you want to give some calmly and nicely click the red button at the upper corner of the page
· I like to spell check
· I tend to spell wrong all the time
· I talk funny.
· I grew up in Maryland
· I like to be on the internet and talk on the phone at the same time
· I get nervous when I talk to celebrities [ex. when I IMed Zui one time...I didn't know what to say, so I asked a question about Gravy Train. Lol]
· I love Zui Suicide
· I love the Suicide Girls [eventhough I'm not even old enough to lurk]
· And I can’t choose which one is better
· I looooove Chloe St Reagan
· I hate stereotypes
· I am caught role-playing all the time
· I often go to summer school
· I’m not too smart when it comes to school
· I love my friends
· Both online and offline
· I’ll never lie to my friends
· Both online and offline
· I’ll always try and give good advice
· I’ll let you know if I have no advice for you
· And now I’m going to stop writing
· I’m glad you read this…
· You also rock for doing so <3

"Hey straight, Grrrl, whats yr style?"